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US $205.90 Mount Fuji Spiritual Tour



Experience the Fuji-kou Mount Fuji pilgrimage! Of those that worshipped Mount Fuji, the chosen few would climb the mountain after praying inside the sacred Funatsu Tainai Lava Tree Mold. The ancient caves developed from trees which were enveloped by lava. Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan, has been admired by the Japanese people since ancient times due to its magnificent and divine appearance. It is revered and worshipped as a sacred mountain. This guided tour features its spiritual aspect as well as its majestic natural beauty. The tour is perfect for those who want to discover the many faces of Mount Fuji. Our guides, with deep knowledge of Mount Fuji, will navigate you through it's amazing spiritual world! Learn about the nature and history of Mount Fuji at the Fujisan World Heritage Center where you can enjoy a stunning view of Mount Fuji. Stroll through the beautiful forest. A short part of the ancient pilgrimage to Funatsu Tainai Lava Tree Mold. The plants and trees have densely grown on the lava field which was formed by the eruption of Mount Fuji. The rugged remains of lava and unusually shaped roots add to the mystical atmosphere. Explore the tunnels of the Funatsu Tainai Lava Tree Mold! Our final destination is a sacred place to those who had the great respect and admiration for Mount Fuji. Through exploring the tunnels, you will feel like you had stepped back in time to ancient Japan. Pilgrims would purify their mind and soul at this shrine and pray for a safe journey.

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