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Temples, shrines and gardens

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If you are interested in experiencing Japanese beauty and getting fresh inspiration, look for tours in this category. Japanese temples, shrines and gardens express a unique Japanese aesthetic. They bear witness to a rich spiritual and artistic heritage. Temples, shrines and gardens have been important throughout Japanese history and are often closely related to historical events and epochal changes. When we speak of temples, we usually mean a Buddhist temple, whereas shrine refers to a Shinto shrine. However, Buddhism and Shinto have co-existed throughout Japanese history, meaning it is not always easy to tell them apart as they were often built side by side. It is said that there are about 100,000 shrines in Japan and these are devoted to protective deities, imperial ancestors and historical figures or even natural phenomena. When the earliest shrines were built is a topic of historical debate, but the earliest temples in Japan date from the late sixth century.

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