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Waza provides an extraordinary experience.
By wearing authentic Japanese armor you can have the experience of being a Samurai!

We have 10 authentically-crafted, reproduction sets of Samurai armor, all hand-made by skilled craftsman and artisans in Japan. Each set of armor is individually designed and modelled after the actual one used by high-ranking Samurai during the warring states period.

Japanese armor has evolved with changing weapons and battle styles over the years. It became as important to be beautiful as to be an effective means of defense.

A set of armor consists of several parts and weighs around 20 kgs in total! As you put on each piece of armor one by one, you might start feeling like a Samurai!
The weight of the armor will make you wonder what was it was like to be in an actual battle hundreds of years ago………

Why don’t you become the last samurai yourself and make a special memory here in Asakusa, Tokyo?

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