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George Parsons Inouye of Inouye Brewing: “My mission is to keep my family’s Sake business alive”

In this interview, George Parsons Inouye talks about Sake business in Japan, gives us a tour of his family’s Inouye Brewery, lets us experience Sake tasting, and also shows us the brewery’s Sake rice paddies.


The Lucky Charm Guide To Find The Best Shrine Charm For You In Japan

Have you bought lucky charms called Omamori at shrines or temples before? This article focuses on the many types of Japanese lucky charms by purpose. Let’s find the perfect lucky charm for you in Japan.


New Kimono Style "ROBE JAPONICA" Interview

I talked with ROBE JAPONICA’s designer Ueoka and director Oyama about their brand which has developed a new style of Japanese clothes. How does this brand, pushing out pop casual Japanese clothing from Harajuku, think about the charm of Japan and its distinctive clothing?


Not Your Everyday Ramen

With rising interest in ramen, a local chef has modernized ramen for more health-conscious individuals. The result is a unique meal that is also a one-of-a-kind experience.


A luxurious flight lets visitors experience the skies of Japan like never before

A new activity lets visitors experience Japan like no other tour can provide . SKY TREK and WOW U are now collaborating for a tour that allows visitors to charter a private plane to experience Tokyo and the surrounding areas from the sky. From seeing Tokyo from above and going eye-to-eye level with the famous Mount Fuji, this tour promises the experience of a lifetime . You are sure to discover a luxurious and exciting adventure. Board the plane for a journey you will never forget.


Sake is Served

From its humble beginnings in religious rituals to a modern staple of Japanese culture, sake has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. One small factory in Hadano City plays a part in that growth.


Adapting Tradition for the Modern Consumer

Japanese traditional arts are often considered old fashioned by modern consumers. A kumikozaiku artist wants to change that.


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