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Cruise Or Walk Around To See The Many Expressions Of A Sea Cave In Nishi-Izu

Nishi-Izu, on the coastline, is rich in its variety of natural sea caves and islands. One of the most popular spots is the tensodou, where you can get yourself sucked into the mystical scenery of a blue cave while onboard a cruise boat. You should try a sea cave cruise in Nishi-izu when you visit in Japan.


Discover The Mystery Flying Japan Castle In The Sky In Fukui Prefecture

Have you ever seen the mystery flying castle in the sky? There is an amazing fantastic landscape on the Kageyama Mountain, which is called the Echizen Ono Castle. You have to be lucky enough to see the fantastic view by yourself. There are three conditions that needed to be met in order to see the flying castle. The more details will be in the article.


Japanese Ski Resorts And Asia’s Longest Zip Line

There are over 500 different ski resorts to choose from people looking to enjoy winter sports in Japan. With resorts spread across the entire country, each with their unique features and activities for the visitors to enjoy, there is certainly one for you.


  • Rolf
  • Apr, 15, 2019

15 Must-Visit Landscapes and Amazing Nature in Japan

We often hear of Japan because of its high-technology, but what really makes it special is the amazing beauty of the nature and landscapes found in Japan.


A Must Visit Legendary Japanese Battleship Yamato And Its Glorious History

JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) Kure Museum and Yamato Museum are located in Kure City. JMSDF is the Japanese Navy and the Yamato was the biggest battleship in the world during the second War World. They kept a submarine and the Yamato battleship both of which were used during the war in the museum. You can actually go inside and see the submarine. It is a great chance to explore and understand Japanese war.


Travel To Ehime Prefecture And See Real Japanese Castles!

Matsuyama Castle, a Japanese castle in Ehime Prefecture, is one of the most famous castles amongst all of the 200 castles that remain in Japan.


Experience snow at Various Winter Festival in Japan

The beauty of Snow Festivals in Japan: ideas and insights about of one of Japan's most exciting winter attractions.


The 5 Best Things To Eat In Kumamoto And Hiougigai, Rainbow Scallops

Kumamoto is a foodie’s paradise, with a variety of delicious food, ranging from fresh local produce to amazing ramen. Read this article to know exactly the best things to eat in Kumamoto!


Heart-Melting Sights Of Capybaras Taking Japanese Baths At A Zoo In Nagasaki

Capybaras taking open-air baths are a peaceful Japanese-style exhibition that attracts many visitors, both foreign and domestic. Don't miss cute and funny capybaras in a zoo in Japan


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