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Zen Waterfall Meditation "Takigyo" Boosts Your Focus

Takigyo, known as waterfall meditation, is one of the traditional Zen meditation styles in Japan. Takigyo helps you to reduce your stress, focus better and overall makes your life easier!


Exclusive IC Card Ticket For Foreign Travelers "PASMO PASSPORT" Debut This Autumn!

PASMO corporation that issues transportation-related IC cards will release a special IC card ticket "PASMO PASSPORT" for foreign travelers visiting Japan this autumn, 2019. "PASMO PASSPORT" will become your second passport when traveling in Japan. Sanrio's three popular characters gathered on one card! You can take this lovely card home as a Japanese souvenir!


Fresh Fish "Sushi" You Have To Try In Japan And About Fish Market

You must try fresh fish from Japan as sashimi or sushi. The fish is so fresh it will melt in your mouth!


Exquisite Fine Dining on the Orange Train from Kagoshima and Kumamoto

Have you ever dreamed of boarding a luxurious dining train? Then your dreams just may come true if you board the Orange Train. The train runs between Kagoshima and Kumamoto Prefecture, where you can enjoy the beautiful view while being served delicious food. This sightseeing train is the one of the best things you can do in the Kyushu region of Southern Japan. You do not have to be a train fanatic to enjoy this ride; it is enjoyable with friends, family, or any other good company.


The World's First "UNKO MUSEUM (Poops Museum)" Now Open in Yokohama!

A museum like a dream to touch, shoot, play and "UNKO (poop)" to open in Yokohama. Its name is "UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA." It is colorful and photogenic "UNKO," and it is "untertainment" which can be enjoyed from children to adults.


Ehime's Little Kyoto: Ozu's Must-See Attractions

Since the Edo period (1603-1868) the city of Ozu has flourished as a castle town, and even today its historic district has maintained its original beauty. Ozu's architectural features and historical sites are the reason why it is often referred to as “little Kyoto”, and just like its bigger sister, Ozu can reward its visitors with a great variety of attractions and things to do.


Enjoy A Yanagawa River Cruise In Fukuoka; Japan’s Venice

Yanagawa, in Fukuoka in the south of Japan, is a peaceful city on the water. Come and enjoy a river cruise through the Venice of Japan. Definitely one of the best things to do in Japan.


How To Use Modern Japanese Toilets And Traditional Japanese Toilets

Japan is known around the world as the country which has the cleanest toilets equipped with the most sophisticated functions. At the same time, tourists visiting Japan for the first time may be confused when seeing both traditional Japanese-style toilets and high tech toilets with a wide variety of functions. In this article, let's learn more about toilets in Japan together.


Let's Enjoy a Fabulous Japanese Valentine's Day!

Overseas, Valentine's Day is recognized as the "day of love", and since it is commonplace for women to receive gifts from men, many foreigners are surprised when they see Japanese women hand out "obligation chocolate."


Japanese Valentine Event In 2019

What is so special about Feb 14th? Well, it is Valentine’s Day! In Japan, we have a custom for women to give men chocolate as a way to confess their admiration. However, recently the custom has changed a bit such that giving chocolate to friends or buying chocolate for oneself are common as well. Now, let’s find out what are the unique Valentine’s Day events in different areas of Japan!


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