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Embrace The Cultural Atmospheres Of A Japanese Garden: Classical, And Unique

Japanese gardens come in a rich variety in different parts of Japan. The atmosphere often brings peaceful minds to those who visit them.


Master Wood Craftsman, Kiyokatsu Tsuyuki, Discusses Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku

Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku is a special type of traditional Japanese marquetry, created in the hot-spring town of Hakone in Kanagawa prefecture. In this article, we introduce Mr. Kiyokatsu Tsuyuki, a master Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku craftsman and owner of a family-run woodworking plant.


What Is The Japanese Mikan And Why Is It Different From Oranges?

The orange, perhaps one of the most consumed fruits in the world, comes in a variety of sizes and they have slight differences depending on their country of origin. So what makes the Japanese fan-favorite citrus fruit stand out from other oranges?


  • Rolf
  • Sep, 30, 2019

Day tour of tasting 5 Must-try Japanese "Wagashi" sweets in Asakusa, Tokyo

There’s a new tour of Asakusa in Tokyo and it focuses on Japanese sweets called “Wagashi”. If you would like to get a traditional taste of the authentic Japanese Wagashi sweets, this tour will leave both you and your sweet tooth satisfied. Visitors will be walking around and learning about the famous Asakusa district, Nakamise shopping street, visiting Japanese sweets cafes and Wagashi stores, as well as Sensoji Temple.


The Wagyu That Upstaged Its Opponents And Become Number One

Japan is a country with plenty of delicious food. However, one stands above the rest in sheer fame and reverence, Wagyu, Japanese beef. Beef so tender it melts in your mouth. Wagyu is known throughout the world as high-class meat, and its high selling price is a testimony to its quality.


  • Rolf
  • Sep, 23, 2019

In Fukuoka, Fall And Winter Is The Time For Festivals, And Also Scarecrows

Fukuoka Prefecture is an ideal place to visit in the fall and winter seasons. Some are held at beautiful shrines and have hundreds upon hundreds of vendors, while others are the stranger kind. Such as the Kakashi Festival, which translates into the Scarecrow Festival!


  • Rolf
  • Sep, 18, 2019

The Bountiful Oysters of Japan

Japan is a country with a long list of fabulous foods, and seafood is a huge part of Japanese food culture. Mind you, it is not just fish. There are also oysters, and Japanese oysters are quite fascinating.


  • Rolf
  • Sep, 16, 2019

One Day Train Engineer Experience In Japan Tokyo Railway Museum

Japanese Railway is rich in history dating back more than 200 years. The first Japanese railway line was first imported in from England in 1853 to run around between Yokohama and Tokyo ports. By visiting the Tokyo Railway Museum, you will learn about the many different types of trains and even experience driving one of them!


The Tokyo Tower Diet? 600 Step “Stair Climbing Course” And Exciting Race Event Too!

One could easily say that Tokyo Tower is a landmark that symbolizes the city of Tokyo. Visitors can climb up to its main observation deck bypassing the elevator and using its outside staircase, which every year is used as a track for a dedicated running competition.


Why are Japanese fireworks in summer? Fireworks in Tokyo and their history with the Sumida River

In 2018, fireworks in Tokyo were packed with visitors, as well as in the years before. Fireworks in Tokyo are mostly held in summer, but why is that so?


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