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5 Best Ways to Use Busshukan or Buddha's Hand

Have you ever seen a Buddha’s hand? It’s a citrus fruit with an unusual shape. Find out more about the fruit, ways to use it, and about how it’s used in Japan.


Top Three Must-Visit Shrines In Historical Kamakura, A Birthplace Of Samurai Government

Kamakura is about one hour from Tokyo city. It used to be a politic center city during the Kamakura period, and it has developed into a tourism center during the Edo period. Now, it is a getaway for many Tokyo people during the weekends where you can experience nature and historic shrines.


Discovering Kandasudacho: Secret Behind The Gathering Of Early Showa-Style Architecture

Near Akihabara Station, there’s an area with old buildings from the Showa Period(1926-1989), called “Kandasudacho” (Kandasuda Town). Walking through this area gives the sense that you've travelled back in time. But, How and why did they preserve this scenery? Let’s find it out.


Easy Access And A Great View For A Wonderful Holiday At ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO

ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO is a resort hotel whose mission is to promote customer satisfaction, especially focusing on satisfying individual customers' needs. Today, two members of the sales department guided us through the charms of ROYAL HOTEL NAGANO and told us a bit more about the things they like the most of Nagano.


What Does A Tuna Auction At Toyosu Market Look Like From The Observation Deck?

Since January 15th, 2019, you are able to look out from an observation deck that has not yet been opened to the public and see the tuna auctions at Toyosu Marketfrom close by. The tuna wholesale market area at Toyosu Market is much bigger than the one at Tsukiji Market. What does it look like? This article provides guidance and an introduction to the place that many people say is “so big that you get lost.”


From Huge Tuna Cutlet’s To Salt Udon: Sunamachi Ginza "The Side Dish Heaven" Town

The amazing "Side Dish Heaven" in Koto Ward, Tokyo. Its name is the Sunamachi Ginza shopping area. What makes this area so popular despite being located further away from the train station? Read on to find out more including the history of this little town.


Come And Join Us For A Road Trip! Hang Out In Nagano Prefecture With Campervan

We went on a road trip in a campervan, and the fact that the vehicle is a “campervan” was as much knowledge as we had about the vehicle – in fact, we didn’t even know if we could drive the thing with a regular driver’s license. So how did it go? Let’s dive right in.


The Ultimate Guide To Tokyo's 10 Tattoo-Friendly Onsens

Let us introduce you to our ultimate guide to Tokyo's tattoo friendly hot springs (Onsen) and public baths (Sento).


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