Hokokuji temple – A quiet and peaceful Zen temple!

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Hi! I'm Eiko Sato .

I will guide you!

Description of this tour

Hokokuji temple is known as ‘Bamboo temple’ for its beautiful bamboo garden.
The image of the whole temple is ‘Green and the glimmer of the sun’ .
Once entering this quiet Zen temple, you will be totally refreshed with a feeling of calmness, and it was maybe what ancient samurai warriors had sought 700 years ago.
It is also a special moment to sit and look at a dry garden and a pond with Koi fish in it.
The back of the dry garden, there are Yagura, caves to house tombs of samurai leaders in the 14th century, which is unique to Kamakura.
The tour uses bus services from Kamakura station to Hokokuji temple. Approx. 7 minutes.

I'm a National Government Licenced Guide. I was born in Nagano and have lived in Kamakura/Fujisawa for 30 years. I had lived in Los Angeles for 5 years too!
Kamakura was the ancient capital of Samurai warriors thrived between 12th and 15th century. It has not only many historical temples and shrines but also beautiful nature, especially ocean! Mt. Fuji can be seen from the beach on sunny days! Living in this beautiful historical place just motivated me to become a guide.

I am also enjoying guiding Tokyo which is often said the amazing place where traditional and contemporary coexists! I like Japanese history, culture, nature and food! I'd like to talk these things with people from all over the world!

I like traveling myself too. Japan has four seasons. In each season, we have different ways to enjoy it; view seasonal flowers, colored leaves, festivals, food etc. Let me show you around this beautiful country!!

I have been an English teacher for more than 20 years. I am responsible, hard working and cheerful!
I'm very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sample Tour Timeline

09:30 AM
JR Kamakura station

Meeting place(Time 09:30)  

09:30 AM
JR Kamakura station

Meeting place(Time 09:30)  

11:00 AM
At the Jyomyoji bus stop

Dismissing place (Time 11:00)

11:00 AM
At the Jyomyoji bus stop

Dismissing place (Time 11:00)

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JR Kamakura station

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●Things you need●
Transportation: bus from Kamakura to Hokokuji temple 200yen/person
Entrance fee of bamboo garden: 200yen/person
*Green tea at Hokokuji temple: 500yen/person (option)
Hokokuji temple is in the east of Kamakura which is a quiet residential area.
Not like other touristy temples, this middle-sized Zen temple offers you an atmosphere of calmness and peace.
They have a bamboo garden, a dry garden, a tea house where you can drink maccha.
It’s nice to enjoy maccha in the bamboo garden if you want to, or meditate at the dry garden for a while.
On your way back to the center of Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine area, walking is also nice to feel the atmosphere of Kamakura. Please choose which to use, bus or walking.
The temple gate
The entrance approach, moss garden
The main hall
The bell

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All welcome

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